Camping with kids in France

Every year we go camping in France - ideally in our camper van, but sometimes in a tent as we have an old VW Transporter Type 2 which doesn’t always make it! We love living outdoors and this year we have been away for nearly four weeks - one perk of working freelance : )

What I love most about these camping trips is seeing our two boys  develop their independence with the freedom to roam the campsites, which is much harder to allow in London with a four and seven year old when living on a busy urban road. They go off to the playground, explore in the woods, make new friends (often from other countries), invent games, and try out new experiences. We also spend lots of time together doing activities like cycling, swimming in the sea, pools and lakes, building sandcastles on the beach, and playing games like mini-golf, ping-pong, table football and pétanque.

Going home is always hard, as despite missing some of our home comforts, we usually feel claustrophobic indoors for the first few weeks and spend lots of time in the garden or local park!   


Exploring by bike near the lake at the Village de Goule where we later swam


Our camper van - home for the summer