The Bower of Bliss

This week Art on the Underground launched Linder’s commission The Bower of Bliss at Southwark tube station. At 85m long this street-level billboard wraps the exterior of the station and celebrates the pleasure of women. The women that feature include individuals who worked for Transport for London in the past - depicted in artwork in the London Transport Museum Collection - to those of the present day.

Linder spent four months as artist-in-residence, researching and mapping a vertical history of Southwark, drawing on local collections including Southwark Council’s Cuming Museum Collection, the London Transport Museum Collection, and Transport for London’s lost property office.

I interviewed passersby on the launch morning to get their initial reactions: 

It’s visually appealing. I’m really drawn to it but I’m a bit weirded out.”

“I looked at it, then noticed the eyelashes and went whoa! It's a face.”

“It brightens the world up!”

For more information about the commission visit here


The Bower of Bliss, 2018